Veteran’s Memorial Riverwalk/Walkway

Info: Right in Watertown, Newell Street/Arch Street at one end and Mill Street at the other.  Not far from the Square and across from J.B. Wise Parking Lot (stair access).  Very short paved walkway, but wide.  Black River Adventurer’s Shop at the Mill Street end, Guilfoyle Ambulance at the other.

Directions/Location: 235 Black River Parkway.  Parking at Newell Street, both ends.
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Trail Distance: .25.

Surface: Paved.

Date/Time Open: ?

Mountain Biking Allowed: Yes.

Hiking/Walking Allowed: Yes.

Cross-Country Skiing: ?

Fishing: Yes, from observation deck.

Pets Allowed: Yes.

Built on Former Railroad Bed: No.

Special Instructions/Information:

For More Information: City of Watertown Parks – Ph: (315) 785-7775 (Admin). Ph. (315) 785-7836 (Ops & Sched.)

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