Watertown, NY is located in the Town of Watertown near the Canadian border and the Thousand Islands (approximately 70 miles north of Syracuse) and is the only city in Jefferson County, NY. According to the latest census estimate in 2003 Watertown has a population of 26,782. A few interesting facts about the population of Watertown:

  • Almost 26% of the population is 18 years old, or younger.
  • Just more than half (52.5%) of the population is female.
  • 89.1% of the population is White. 4.9% of the population is Black, 1.2% Asian, and 0.5% American Indian and Alaska Native.
  • More stats here (external site)

Developed in the early 1800's, and named after the scenic and mighty waterfalls of the Black River, Watertown quickly established itself as a manufacturing center. The hamlets/villages of Juhelville and Huntingtonville were absorbed into the city and it's borders continue to expand.

Also see Jefferson County.

Interactive map of Watertown

Map of Jefferson County (including an interactive clickable map of the county)

History We have a history of Watertown started here.

Historic Structures in Watertown A partial list of Watertown's notable 19th and early 20th century buildings.

Watertown Streets A listing of Watertown street by street, past and present streets with timelines. Ever wonder what was there before… or since…. or when?

Watertown Churches

Public Square

Urban Renewal in Watertown

Watertown's Political Scene Mayors, city council members, and politics of Watertown and Jefferson County.

Watertown Schools Watertown prides itself in the many schools that residents can send their children to.

The Stores of Watertown Like any other city, Watertown has a wealth of stores you can shop at. The JC Wiki has compiled a list of many of the stores from Watertown's past and present. Also see Shopping.

Watertown Industry

Watertown Apartment and Business Blocks

TV, Radio, and Other Media Local TV, radio, and other media and their histories.

Disasters and Catastrophes, Natural or Otherwise Disasters and Catastrophes in the North Country.

Notorious Jefferson County Crime Crime and punishment in Jefferson County

Restaurants & Nightlife Listing of restaurants, bars, taverns, and dance clubs.

Entertainment & Recreation Revisit the past with a look at old movie theaters and Drive-Ins, as well as a look at what exists today for relaxing fun and enjoyment.

Notable Personalities in Watertown Notable Personalities in Watertown & Jefferson Country, living and dead.

Historical Glossaries and References Explanations and modern day equivalents

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