Possibly link to a Google map. Set up a “JeffCoWiki” map that can link back to the page of this wiki board also. (I created a map with this name in Google map and made it public but can't seem to find it when I search.)
*Thanks, we do have a Google map and it's API set up and ready to go (I set it up for the previous wiki), as well as an embeddable widget for pages that need it. Have not had time to implement it. -Marc
*Update - you can now find these (not completed yet) at the Jefferson County Maps page and one for Watertown Maps page.

Add a section to show the mayors (and other dignitaries) of Watertown (and Jeff Co) through the years. Present in a chronological format.
*You can find this on the Jefferson County Politics page.

Could we add Jefferson county schools to the navigation bar on the left so they would be easier to locate? Also could use one for Jefferson County Industry. As it is now you have to scan through the “All Pages” list to find most of them. -TMoye
*We'll discuss adding more buttons. In the meantime you can find what you are looking for easier by using the search field, under 'Actions' in the upper right.
*You can find also find these headings listed on the Jefferson County and Watertown pages.

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